Immunotargeting and Radiobiology in Oncology : A. Pèlegrin


Our research is organized around 3 closely related research themes

  • Human Epidermal Receptor (HER) family: from combinations of approved monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to original mAbs against receptors and ligands, and back
  • MISR-II: the original ovarian carcinoma target
  • Severe late adverse effects after radiotherapy: analysis of the causes and design of a predictive assay


Research Summary

Our research focuses on the treatment of solid tumors by using antibodies and radiotherapy with a special attention to drug-induced resistance. To this aim, we design, develop and evaluate monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to target antigens the expression of which is enhanced when tumors become resistant to a treatment and we combine them to identify synthetic lethal interactions for anti-cancer drug discovery/improvement.


Our main objectives are: (i) to design and develop new antibodies and derived molecules; (ii) to improve the efficacy of these targeted therapeutic approaches; and (iii) to understand the underlying mechanisms of action.

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