IRCM : One central theme & two unifying programs :
Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapy


Welcome to U1194 INSERM

Created in 2008, the Institute of Cancer Research of Montpellier (IRCM – U1194), jointly operated by Inserm and the  University of Montpellier, is localized on the Campus of the Montpellier Cancer-Hospital ICM.

205 scientists and support personnel

17 research teams  within 4500 m2 of lab space

 Top notch technical facilities

 Ground breaking research in basic and translational oncology developed in close collaboration with clinical departments and clinical     research at ICM

One central theme and two unifying programs : Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapy


Plasticity of solid tumors : from discoveries to personalized medecine
Therapeutic Antibodies in Cancer Treatment : Innovation, design and biological response

Director  -  C. Sardet
Deputy Director  -  P. Martineau
Administrative Manager  -  S. Lannelongue
Medical Advisor  -  D. Azria




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