Recherche intégrée pour une médecine personnalisée en oncologie digestive

Responsable : Marc Ychou
                          Alain Thierry
Institut de Recherche en
Cancérologie de Montpellier
Campus Val d’Aurelle
34298 Montpellier cedex 5

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Projet scientifique

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This new team will focus on discovering and developing predictive and prognostic biomarkers for personalized management in GI oncology. The team includes full time researchers working on basic and translational aspects, as well as clinicians and aims at developing integrative and clinically-relevant GI cancer research. Our project leans on a variety of interdisciplinary skills in basic research of signaling pathways, molecular biology and pathology, tumor microenvironment, pharmacokinetics, imaging biomarkers, biostatistics and clinical research. Research works will involve basic and applied researchers as well as clinicians to develop innovative translational GI cancer research programs. Specifically, we are interested in the analysis of circulating cell free DNA and miRNA, protein dimerization profiles, wnt/β-Catenin oncogenic signaling pathways, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models applied to cytotoxic/targeted agents and their metabolites, novel imaging predictors. An additional asset will be the integration of biostatistics methodological research for biomarkers evaluation. Special emphasis will be directed towards the expression of new molecular and genetic markers on human tumor/tissue samples.  


In line with the colorectal cancer research program conducted through the Integrated Cancer Research Site “SIRIC Montpellier Cancer”, our plan is to establish new ties between basic research and clinical needs to achieve significant and practice-changing advances in GI cancer research.


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Publications récentes


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